Maximum Flexibility, Minimal Complexity


Each system in the StormPrism family is simple, modular, and scalable. Using a minimal number of parts, the precast units can be arranged in various configurations to meet site conditions. This simplicity in design reduces manufacturing time and results in faster setting of the units in the field.


The MS4 permit requires the implementation of LID strategies when technically feasible. The StormPrism family goes beyond traditional storm water BMPs by providing a cost-effective tool for detention, retention, infiltration, and rainwater harvesting.


The StormPrism family can be used in conjunction with other pre or post-treatment systems or as a stand-alone solution. Baffles can be added to any module to control flow paths, provide de-silting sections, or isolate sections for containment. Tall (up to 14’), short (down to 3’), open bottom, long and narrow; the StormPrism product line has the solution to meet your most challenging project site.


SPEQ, SP360, SPV and SPDW provide unique designs to optimize efficiency while maximizing strength. Whether your project requires Seismic, H20, Aircraft, or Railroad loading, each StormPrism product can be specifically designed to meet those requirements. Recent improvements in concrete mix design technology has brought forth a revolution in precast concrete capabilities. PreCon Products has harnessed this advancement to develop these systems.

Easy to maintain

Easy and safe maintenance should be the most important consideration when specifying any underground storm water detention structure. Some plastic chamber systems do not provide access to inspect, let alone remove, accumulated sediment. Others contain internal barriers that limit access and hinder the removal of debris. Sloped, uneven or stepped floors make it difficult to remove sediment. Converging walls and a maze of boxes not only restrict accessibility but make for a dangerous permitted confined space entry.

The StormPrismEQ's open structure and flat unobstructed floor allow for easy maintenance and removal of accumulated sediment using a standard Vactor truck. There is no internal restriction to hamper moving of the sediment along the chamber floor. There is no internal restriction to block airflow throughout the system. There is no internal restriction to obstruct visibility or communication throughout the system. Unless there is standing water or the possibility of hazardous air, the access should be a standard (non-permitted) confined space entry. StormPrismEQ provides the easiest and safest maintenance compared to any system on the market.