On September 21, 2023, Foley Products Company, LLC (“Foley”) and Pre-Con Products (“Pre-Con”) reached an agreement to assign all the StormPrism Patents and Trademarks to Foley in the United States and Canada. Pre-Con will continue using and selling StormPrism products in California. The parties will continue to cooperate on product development and marketing of the products.

StormPrism is an innovative underground stormwater storage system. It provides a way to store large volumes of captured stormwater underground in a more efficient and safe manner than other products in the market. It is also easy to install, access and maintain.

Keith Haas, CEO of Foley said: “The addition of StormPrism to our product portfolio is an important step in Foley's growth strategy. We will now be able to offer high-value stormwater solutions across North America and play an expanded role in the management of one of society's most vital resources”. David Zarraonandia, President of Pre-Con, also remarked: “This is an exciting time for us, we are thrilled to work with Foley Products and look forward to seeing StormPrism available to more customers."

For more information about StormPrism, please visit http://stormprism.com/. Please direct your questions to anya.civitella@foleyproducts.com at Foley and dzarraonandia@pre-conproducts.com at Pre-Con.

Established in 1981, Foley Products Company, LLC, (“Foley”), is a leading manufacturer of concrete pipe and precast products, with 17 manufacturing locations in high growth markets across the United States. The company offers a range of products including reinforced concrete pipes, box culverts, precast concrete manholes, stormwater management systems and utility vaults, thereby supplying critical products to the underground utility and water management industry. Foley is an approved supplier to the Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee Departments of Transportation, City of Atlanta, and numerous other agencies and municipalities.